those are NIICCCEEEEE!!! I love them!!

thank you so much friend!! 

my nails are so cute right now!

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ok honestly it’s fine if you’re a fan of bangtan like whatever but do not support this comeback. do not vote for them on the m countdown like i’m seing people promote. danger is about practically stalking a girl who isn’t interested while threatening her and repeating “you’re in danger.” 

do not fucking support that. don’t encourage that. let someone else have the award this time around because bangtan do not need to be praised for this kind of behavior 

may i add something to this?

even if bangtan will get shit for this, it’s actually the one who wrote the song who needs to understand that this isn’t okay. it’s also important that the company they’re a part of will realize that a song like that just isn’t okay and never will be. 

do not vote for them, but please don’t give them shit for this comeback either because all they got was a song and a dance to learn, and it’s their company and the song writer who should be pointed out for this. and this comes from someone who never even listened to bangtan.

And I can tell that both of you basically know nothing about bangtan.

BTS writes their own songs, so, they can be called out on their lyrics, but this is not one of the lyrics to call them out on. What they say in this song is linked to a previous song and it doesn’t stand by itself. They are not stalking a girl who has no interest - In the song “Boy In Luv” bangtan get’s the girl they’re in love with, she agrees to go out with them, and in “danger” this girl who is now their girlfriend ignores them or answers them in short one sentance texts. They’re not telling the girl that they will hurt her, they’re telling her that “she’s in danger of loosing a guy who really loves her” and that it pains them that she’s acting this way because if you’re really in a relationship you shouldn’t ignore your partner.

Do not start talking about a topic you know nothing about.


but when will j-hope’s no more dream hair come back from the war